OTG 2nd Anniversary

Dante the body and otg athleisure
March 4th, the OTL Training Facility was filled with over 90 women who had come to celebrate the second anniversary of OTG Athleisure. The event was a high-energy sweat party  & champagne toast. 
The event was hosted by James Patrick, and the music was provided by DJ TO. In addition, there were health and wellness vendors present to provide information and resources to the participants.
The event kicked off with DJ TO providing an upbeat soundtrack that got everyone moving and dancing. The atmosphere was lit, with women of all ages and fitness levels coming together to celebrate the anniversary of OTG Athleisure.
The kickboxing cardio class led by DantetheBODY was the highlight of the event. DantetheBODY is a renowned fitness influencer and coach who specializes in kickboxing and HIIT workouts. His class was a perfect fit for the occasion, as it was challenging, yet fun, and kept everyone engaged throughout the workout. The class began with a warm-up that got everyone's heart rate up and prepared them for the more challenging drills to come.
The workout itself was a combination of kickboxing and cardio drills that tested the participants' agility, balance, and coordination. DantetheBODY's energy and motivation were infectious, and he kept everyone pushing themselves to their limits. The workout was a great way to burn calories, build strength, and improve cardiovascular endurance.
After the workout, participants had the opportunity to mingle with the vendors enjoy light refreshments and shop the latest OTG collection. The vendors provided information and resources to help participants continue their health and wellness journey beyond the event. 
Check out the event photos provided by Henry Jones Photography. ( Please Credit Henry Jones when posting or sharing any photo)
The event was sponsored by Keys with Kayla Group and Marc Brown Law firm!
The event was held in Columbia, SC.
OTG athleisure is a premium Athleisure brand located in Columbia, SC. we ship nationwide however we serve the greater columbia and surrounding areas.

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