• OTG 2nd Anniversary

    OTG 2nd Anniversary

    March 4th, the OTL Training Facility was filled with over 90 women who had come to celebrate the second anniversary of OTG Athleisure. The event was a high-energy sweat party  & champagne toast.  The event was hosted by James Patrick, and the music was provided by DJ TO. In addition, there were health and wellness vendors present to provide information and resources to the...
  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Gym Confidence

    5 Ways to Grow Your Gym Confidence

    Whether you've taken an extended gym break or are entirely new to getting your sweat on in a well-air-conditioned environment, getting your bootie in the door can feel pretty intimidating.  What if the gym girlies make me feel unwelcome? What if I don't know what I'm doing? What if...  It's our experience that gym culture is one of the most welcoming groups on the...
  • Why Athleisure Isn't Just for the Gym

    Why Athleisure Isn't Just for the Gym

    If there's anything a global pandemic gave us (and let's be clear: it mostly took from us), it's the fact that we have a newfound appreciation for a comfortable style that can go from your couch to the supermarket without people thinking you look like a slob. As a result, the athleisure market thrived.   Originally, athleisure was born in the 90s and served up plenty...
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