5 Ways to Grow Your Gym Confidence

Whether you've taken an extended gym break or are entirely new to getting your sweat on in a well-air-conditioned environment, getting your bootie in the door can feel pretty intimidating.
 What if the gym girlies make me feel unwelcome? What if I don't know what I'm doing? What if...
 It's our experience that gym culture is one of the most welcoming groups on the planet.
 We suggest finding your gym community or a workout partner that can keep you accountable. 
    Let's move into our top five ways to get into the gym, ready to rock your workout with confidence and style!

    Dress to Impress

    People joke that the gym isn't a fashion show, but we sure feel better when we look our best.

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    Arrive with a Plan

     Did your dad ever tell you that adage about how if you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Thanks, dad.
     We wouldn't put it quite that extreme, but staying focused is easier when you know what exercises you're aiming for during your session. It can be as loose of a plan as how long you'd like to do weight training vs. cardio, or it can map out the number of reps you want to be able to do.
     Psst, book yourself in with a personal trainer every so often to finesse this plan.


    Pick the Right Time

     Your new gym likely has an info desk where you can ask all the most important questions, like where you can fill up your water bottle and when the busiest times are.

     A large volume of gym members at peak times can throw off even the most dedicated gym bunnies game. Go during quieter times while you work up your confidence. You'll be deadlifting in the post-work rush soon enough!

    Bring a Gym Buddy

    That's right; your best friend is about to have her butt kicked into gear because she's about to become your new accountability partner. There's strength in numbers; going with somebody you know and trust will help you feel as confident as possible on the mat.

     Gym friends motivating each other

    Head to a Class

    A great way to get in the door with all the planning left to the experts is to book yourself into a class. Don't worry; it's not all heart-attack-inducing spin classes. (Unless that's how you like to get your sweat on!)

    Most gyms have classes to suit every level of confidence and fitness. You may even find yourself making a few extra gym friends that can come along when your trusty pal isn't feeling up for it.


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