Why Athleisure Isn't Just for the Gym

 Yes, you can be a gym baddie along with the best of them, but sometimes you want to take your cute fit to get an iced latte rather than something that requires icing your glutes.

 Athleisure may be the solution to being cute, comfy, and casual when you're running errands, watching the latest episode of Married at First Sight, or catching up with a friend.

This article will take a brief look at what athleisure is, how to make it part of your off-duty style, and some of our favorite OTG Athleisure picks

Wait, What's Athleisure Again? 

If there's anything a global pandemic gave us (and let's be clear: it mostly took from us), it's the fact that we have a newfound appreciation for a comfortable style that can go from your couch to the supermarket without people thinking you look like a slob. As a result, the athleisure market thrived.

 Originally, athleisure was born in the 90s and served up plenty of crisp white sneakers, hoodies, and baseball caps. By the by, athleisure comprises athletic and leisure, so feel free to enjoy both!

 Good athleisure effortlessly combines laid-back, off-duty model chic with ultimate comfort thanks to materials that move with your body rather than against it. 

How to Incorporate Athleisure into Your Style 

#1 Mixing and Matching is Your Friend

 Sure, some people can grab a whole new wardrobe, but the more sustainable option is mixing existing pieces in your wardrobe with something athletic. For example, try layering a cropped sweatshirt over a button-down shirt and relaxed jeans. Add a pair of cool sneakers to complete the outfit.

 Get the look with the Low Key Crop in a bold magenta. Sure, we do it in black and creme, too, but why not live colorfully?

#2 Play with Silhouette

 A great way to make athletic pieces shine is by mixing body-tight pieces like leggings with oversized sweatshirts. If you go all oversized or all skin-tight, you can quickly look like you belong just on the couch or in the gym. Remember, we're mixing the aesthetics of leisure with the aesthetics of athletics. It's not purely one or the other.

 Get the look with our staple OTG Leggings. Thanks to four-way stretch and 20% spandex, you can sprint at the gym or across the road while enjoying the soft cotton feel and stylish 7/8 length.

#3 Embrace the Comfort

 If you're used to being confined in your everyday clothes, you may find it challenging to embrace the look and feel of athleisure. Remember, you're on trend and ready to break the mold.

 OTG Athleisure's OTG jacket in the stunning shade Peru combines the comfort of keeping you warm and cozy with the fantastic quality you've come to know and love.

About: OTG Athleisure

 At OTG Athleisure, we're all about making sure our clothes make you feel as good out on the streets as when you're hitting the treadmill.

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